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“European products are distinguished by high level of innovation, professional research and accurate design”

Roberto Marelli, President of the European Nursery Products Confederation (ENPC)


Roberto Marelli is the President of the European Nursery Products Confederation (ENPC), established in 2011 with the aim to safeguard and promote the interests of the European nursery products industry with the European Union institutions. Marelli has developed all his professional career in Artsana, where he is manager for the European market.

Which are the confederation goals?
ENPC is a new and unique trade confederation representing childcare products national associations at EU level dealing with the main objectives of promoting the childcare products at EU level speaking with a unique voice in Europe.

ENPC's mission is actualized by different activities like communication with our members in order to identify their needs and facilitating international dialogue, developing and promoting long term partnerships, and providing transparent access to information.

Why is it important to count with a European association?
ENPC is playing an active role in the development of common discussions and in removing technical barrier and opening of markets through Europe.

To speak with a unique voice guarantees an active and strong participation in the EU policy developments, as well as the possibility to act as a liaison between different European countries and non-European partners.

Which are the main strengths of the babycare products industry in Europe?
Certainly the Europe based production. Historical background of the companies is first of all guarantee for safety and security of the products.

And its weaknesses?
European products are distinguished by high level of innovation, professional research and accurate design. All these aspects often cause an increase in the production costs that inevitably burden the final price.

Which are the main trends in the babycare products European market?
Constant investments in innovation, safety and design to guarantee high quality products at the right and export value price.

Nowadays is necessary for companies to compete in European and global markets. Which are the main challenges and difficulties when selling in other countries and regions?
Some interesting countries for European exportations have developed entrance barriers in terms of high duties, and the competition is now determined at all the levels, so it is necessary to have a defined project to compete with efficiency and effectiveness on the foreign markets; first of all is essential to develop a deep knowledge of the target market; in some cases the selling actions require a permanent organisation or at least a very well established vendor.

Where do you think that European companies could find its main new and future markets?
Certainly, in South America, first of all in Brazil, and in India, where the markets are increase rapidly and the number of potential consumer is very high.

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