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  • The value of licensing


    Although sometimes it may seem that licensing is merely a derivative and auxiliary activity, the fact is that it is critical. Consider for example the...

  • Brick-and-mortar stores are still the model to follow


    It sometimes seems that the weight of electronic commerce is larger, because of its also greater media presence. This is normal, as e-commerce is a new...

  • Emerging markets and industries aimed at children


    In recent months we have published in Key4Communications and our trade magazines a series of reports on emerging markets, that we will also edit soon...

  • The importance of classics


    One of the trends we are seeing in all sectors is a return to classics: products, aesthetics and lifelong brands are always in fashion, because they transmit...

  • Different communication methods


    Companies must be able to call the attention of their target audience. It's not just about making noise just to make noise - the idea is to create an original...

  • 7 characteristics of the multichannel consumer


    More and more we hear the word "multichannel" referred to consumers. People sometimes confuse the meaning of this new behaviour and simply think that consumers...

  • Toys to grow thanks to tablets


    More and more children play with smartphones and tablets, not just those made specifically for them, but also with their parents devices. Toys, especially...

  • Advertisers and the guarantee of OJD


    Ediciones Just counts since 1992 with the certification of the Office of Justification of Distribution (OJD), the firm that monitors and certifies both...

  • From toys to play


    The toy industry is dead. Or so says Richard Gottlieb at Global Toy News . According to Gottlieb, toy companies are just part of the play industry,...

  • 5 predictions for 2013


    Philip Tetlock, from the Berkeley University, analysed in 2005 28,000 predictions made by 284 economists over the previous 20 years. According to the study,...

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