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Market Research

Eastern Europe, an emerging region

We review the market situation of baby care, toys and licensing industries in the key countries of this emerging region

Eastern Europe, a region made up of countries that became independent as a result of the dissolution of the former USSR, is one of the areas considered an emerging region by leading consultants and analysts. Composed of Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine, the region has 293.8 million inhabitants, of which over 43 million are under 14 years, offering a huge potential consumer market for those industries aimed at children.
Its geographical proximity to Europe, and the belonging of some of these states to the European Union (EU), with the consequent commercial benefits that this entails, has enabled the creation and maintenance of commercial and financial ties between these two regions.
Eastern Europe, however, has been affected by the economic and financial crisis in recent years, partly affected by the performance of the economy of the European countries, which has made that some of the Eastern European markets have seen their economies receded in recent years.
It is also important to note that, despite its proximity to the old continent, the purchasing power of the citizens of this region is lower than the average of European citizens, although it is expected to rise, and we also need to remember that, despite a recent common past, there is a great cultural and linguistic diversity in the countries that form Eastern Europe.
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