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About Key4

What is Key4 Communications?

Key4Communications is a professional communication website published by the Spanish media group Ediciones Just. Key4 serves as business information platform across the toy, babycare and licensing sectors.


The company’s mission is to be the digital platform of reference for the toy, babycare and licensing sectors, maintaining a leadership position in b2b communication, offering complete and thorough coverage in order to best meet the communication and information needs of Key4’s clients and users.


The consistent drive to serve the three business areas that has been characteristic of Ediciones Just throughout its history will continue in Key4Communications. This drive is reflected in our values: trust, commitment to the professional, and quality and excellence in the communication services they offer.

The Key4Communications team is also present in all major trade fairs for the toy, babycare and licensing sector with the objective of providing quality media coverage of the different events and bringing added value to the articles available on the Key4 site while expanding the company’s presence and database. Key4Communications holds a strong advantage thanks to the parent company, Ediciones Just, which already has established agreements for trade and collaboration with the majority of international trade fairs in the three sectors.

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