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Market Research

The Middle East, an emerging region

Its 66 million people under 15 years old are one of the Middle East main attractions for industries aimed at children

The Middle East, a region formed by the countries of the Arabian Peninsula along with Iran and Iraq, is one of the regions positioned as a leading global emerging market. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Syria, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Yemen -the fourteen countries that form the region, are characterized by having a huge young population with an increasing purchasing power, in addition to a growing commercial infrastructure.   
However the region, considered one of the world's energy wells, have to face situations of political instability and even armed conflict that are taking place in some countries, as well as a strong inequality between citizens, some of them with an exorbitant purchasing power and others living in poverty, neglected by rulers who, in the vast majority of countries in the region, have not been democratically elected.
With over 220 million people, the Middle East is one of the only regions in the world, along with Africa, where the population of children and adolescents shows a clear upward trend, thus providing a broad base of potential consumers to all those industries aimed at children, particularly those of baby care, toys and licenses.

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