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8 benefits of social networks

And some trends

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Companies believe that social networks are useful. They are not instruments designed to increase sales, but they certainly help brand awareness and customer loyalty, as well as being an effective communication tool that allows cost savings.

These are some of the advantages that networks bring, according to a study by Social Media Marketing carried among over 3,000 professionals:

1. 89 % of surveyed marketing professionals believe that their social media efforts have provided more visibility to their business.

2. The second most identified benefit is the increase in online traffic: 75% recorded positive results.

3. 69 % of marketing professionals also value the knowledge provided by social networks about the industry and the competitors.

4. 65 % said that networks help to develop a loyal fan base, more in the case of consumer-focused companies (71%) than for those with other companies as clients (58%) .

5. As for sales, marketers emphasize that it takes time to develop relationships and sales leads, but more than half said that after at least three years, they have increased their revenue through social networking.

6. Of these professionals with three or more years of experience in social media, 62% have signed new agreements, as well as more than half of those who have been working one year in these media.

7. Over half of consulted professionals ensure that six hours a week is enough to generate new contacts to facilitate possible businesses, and 64% have found other benefits for their company with just this dedication, including a reduction in marketing costs.

8. 60% have also seen an improvement in the position of the company in search engines. The percentage rises to 81% for those with at least two years working in networks.

In addition to these benefits, marketing professionals believe that these are some of the trends in social networking for the coming years:

- 69 % of companies will increase their use of Youtube, and this network could record the highest growth in investment in 2013.

- 58% of companies have a blog, 62% want to learn more about them and 66% will increase their actions in these media.

- The most important networks for businesses are Facebook and Linkedin, in that order, although only 37% consider Facebook to be really effective.

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