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Mobile payment, easier everyday

New projects using NFC technology allow mobile payments

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Mobile phones have replaced watches, mp3 players and notebooks. Now they are starting to replace wallets.

In Barcelona, a new project allows payments for less than 20 euros with a phone or a contactless credit card without a pin code, thanks to an agreement between the city hall, la Caixa, Telefónica and Indra. This initiative will use NFC technology (near field communications), which allows the phone to communicate with a store reader that will access and verify funds and limits.

The council has announced the system will be available in museums and in the zoo, while the taxi drivers' union STAC will incorporate adapted terminals into a thousand taxis. La Caixa already has 300,000 active cards with NFC, has distributed 8,000 terminals in stores, and has 253 ATMs ready for this technology.

In fact, Spain was the first country to have ATMs of this type, although there are projects that used this technology in other countries, such as Google Wallet and Visa Paywave. Also, London has announced plans to implement NFC in services and stores before the Olympic Games.

In addition and during the Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona from 27 February to 1 March, Visa announced an agreement with Vodafone to incorporate Paywave in smartphones, initially in Germany, Holland, Spain, Turkey and the UK.

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