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“Currently, Micuna is present in more than 35 countries worldwide”

Marcos García, commercial director of Micuna


Marcos García, director comercial de Micuna

Marcos García is the commercial director of Micuna, a company that started its internationalisation projects in the mid ‘90s. The firm expects turnover from global markets to reach 30% of total revenue in the next two years. Micuna was established in Valencia in 1973 and its juvenile furniture products are present in more than 2,000 stores in Spain. 

What are the main trends in juvenile furniture?
The market is currently experiencing the effects of the economic situation. Clients are being very demanding and consumer profiles are becoming more and more polarized. Middle class families are suffering these effects too much and are dedicating less budget to baby products, especially furniture, as they are indoors products. This is why cradles have seen their medium prices cut down.

On the other hand, the high purchasing power clients still look for distinguished products. These clients are divided in those who want a traditional baby room, and those who prefer practical and durable products, such as convertibles. These articles are the ones with more growth in the last years.

Micuna is the fourth European company in this business. How was the internationalisation process?
Micuna started this process long before other competitors. Our first experiences are from the second half of the ‘90s, and in a programmed and planned way, since the year 2000, with an exports department fully structured that has now four area managers with all the company’s administrative structure at their service. Currently, Micuna is present in more than 35 countries worldwide

Which were the main difficulties?
In the early years and before having the whole exports structure, main difficulties were the lack of knowledge of the markets, the internationalisation processes, hiring and payment methods, as well as the lack of any kind of help in that moment from the administration and institutions.

What are Micuna’s main goals for the next years?
Micuna’s goal is to continue with the internationalisation process. These global markets already represent more than 20% of revenue, and should reach 30% in the next two years. The European markets Portugal, France and Italy, as web as Russia, should be reinforced. The implantation method will depend on the market; in Portugal case, the project will include the opening of our own shops all through the country.

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