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"In Spain, offer is wider than in other countries where some buying centrals dictate their annual catalogues"

Matías Massó, manager of Matías Massó, S.A.


Matías Massó, S.A. distributes baby care products in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, and is highly specialized in car security products. Matías Massó is the manager of this company with more 25 years of experience, and he is dedicated to offer products and services using the newest technologies.

What trends would you stand out in baby security for automobiles?
Mostly, the use of Isofix and the protection measures against side impacts. The use of Isofix has been growing steadily during the last ten years. In Matías Massó, S.A. we started selling chairs using this system after the distribution agreement signed with Römer, a company that participated in its development in collaboration with different European car makers. 

Concerning lateral impact, we must remember that only ten years ago, the great majority of products from Group II/III were elevated cushions without back support. And the only ones with back support were manufactured without lateral protection for the head, to say nothing of shoulders. We see improvements every year in this field -lateral protection surfaces, energy absorption materials and lately air cushions that manage energy from the exterior of the device.

The Spanish baby care industry is characterized for the low level of concentration, compared to other countries and businesses. Do you think this is positive? Will the trend be of more concentration in the next years?
It’s true that Spain has a very atomised distribution compared to surrounding countries, and this has positive aspects. For example, usually the same person buys and sells, and this makes the offer selection easier. Also, in Spain, offer is wider compared to countries where some buying centrals dictate annual catalogues to their associated stores.

Long term we will undoubtedly see higher concentration, but as of now a lot of projects in this sense have failed, while independent sellers keep an enviable health and enjoy a solid position in their markets.

Matías Massó S.A. is known for a constant attention to new technologies, as it even offers an Iphone app. Do you think that these technologies are still under-utilized in the baby care business?
These are technologies of progressive adoption, and they will end up being adapted as they benefit everybody. For example, real time publication of our inventories through different channels allows a professional to confirm the presence of a product with his mobile, it also facilitates confirmation of availability for a store during an August Saturday, and it also helps an online shop to work using drop-shipping -selling products for immediate deliver without having to buy them before.

Electronic invoicing is another example of expanding technology. Nowadays, the 48.5% of our clients have registered to receive invoices in electronic format.

Order entry is one of the most popular applications, as it offers real time information about availability and it can be done outside office hours. One of every four orders is entered through our website. Also, we published in Itunes Appstore our Iphone App a year and a half ago, and we already receive through it as many orders as via e-mail. This is six times more than by fax. We receive more orders through new technologies (Iphone, web, online integrated systems, e-mail and EDI) than through traditional media such as telephone or fax.

The electronic book is also a useful and advancing instrument. Catalogues are published real time in e-book format, so they include only live products and every new offer.

Our technical support service is also interactive. All issues can be registered via web, so they all are documented from the beginning. Also, images can be attached, and sometimes this makes possible to give a solution without having to send the product to repair. It’s very useful in order to follow up all issues, and all information is available to the manufacturer, a thing that can help to detect weak points and advance possible solutions.

Römer products include this year QR codes that using an adequately software equipped mobile shows a video with a product demo.

And we can’t forget social networks. To open a shop in Facebook it’s easy, free, fast and effective. No technical knowledge is needed. And you don’t have to publish your birthday photos. It’s just a marketing activity. We have also published our own app in Facebook, Matbook: with just some clicks, any store can incorporate it to its own Facebook page and offer products, catalogues, images, instruction manuals, videos, etc., all real time updated.

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