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"Manufacturers must differentiate themselves by offering innovative and safe products”

Charo Barturen and Pedro Barturen, managers of Bambino


Bambino has 10 juvenile products stores in the Basque Country. And taking charge of them are Charo and Peter Barturen, the third family generation. Without forgetting the philosophy and values from the beginnings of the company, 40 years ago, they do not hesitate to be open to innovations in product and service. Their next project: an online store.

Bambino was born as a family company. What is your business philosophy and strategies?

We are the third generation, and we continue to grow our small family business despite the current economic situation is not the most favourable. Our philosophy is to provide the best customer service, offering a large exhibition of the best products for babies. In addition we strive to offer the best after-sales service, solving all kinds of problems or concerns. Selling is not everything.

How have buying habits changed? What are the priority issues for consumers?

It is true that price may appears as a priority factor, but when it comes to their future child, parents are open to hear arguments and reasons, and the money issue is usually relegated to the background.

We believe the customer is looking to optimise the investment, and offering high-quality durable products can do this. In order to do so, we count with the support of our top brands suppliers and distributors.

Your stores offer a comprehensive range of childcare products. Which are the most sold?

Without any doubt the most requested items are strollers, car seats and textile products for the stroller. On the other hand, walkers and swings are products that families can without or that are being provided by a relative or a friend that does not need them anymore.

Do you think that manufacturers are committed to innovation and development of new products in order to meet consumer needs?

Yes, because if they don’t, they fall behind. Today the childcare offer is wide and varied, and manufacturers must differentiate themselves by offering innovative and safe products, as well as by covering the needs of consumers, especially when it comes to safety in the car. The customer is smart and knows the difference between a recycled and an innovative product, and he is surely going to discard the former.

Online sales have gained presence in the Spanish market. What is Bambino doing in this regard? How is this tool benefiting the childcare sector?

We have a website since 2004, where clients can be informed of our stores addresses, and also contact us to send us questions and suggestions. This way we make ourselves known to people from other cities and regions. Soon we will also have an online store: this is our most immediate project.

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