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”Products must be tailored to the needs of each country"

Joan Forrellad, Vice President, Jané


The juvenile products company Jané started with a bet: in 1932 the father of Manuel Jané challenged him to build a folding stroller for the newly born grandson. In a few years, this bet became a company that currently is leader in the Spanish stroller market. The firm is also committed to internationalisation, always taking into account the particularities of each market, as explained by Joan Forrellad, vice president of the company.

What are the current trends in baby strollers? Is the Spanish market is very different from other European countries?

Trends in strollers have always followed very close the economic environment and the global situation. The behaviour of customers and consumers when buying a product is generally opposite in relaxed situations or economic boom, as compared to tough times like we are experiencing.

Thus, in calm and prosper times, trends in the selection and purchase of a stroller are generally more "frivolous", impractical and superficial, and consumers are more carried away by fashion and by irrational impulses, while in difficult times, this trend is reversed and the purchase is rational, very thoughtful, understanding and appreciating all the strengths and weaknesses of the purchase.

Nowadays value and quality of the brand are a key point, as well as product that offer wide guarantees of security and reliability, and cover all values of a rational purchase.

For Jané this is a critical moment. According to recent market surveys, Jané is the only childcare brand that has raised baby car sales this year, while the rest, all of them, have registered drops in sales.

We have always worked to get a product with a blend of fashion, technology, practicality, reliability and security. This formula that we have well learned (after more than 80 years in the market) is not easy to reveal, but we have always maintained it and today is our philosophy. And thanks to our consumers, it has become immortal and has fit very well at all times.

Spanish consumer behaviour differs from other European countries. Certainly more widespread, the economic situation and the global crisis are affecting the whole world, but, as we know, Spain has been one of the countries where this crisis has had a greater impact, due also to the "extremely good" period immediately prior to this depression.

What are the major factors that childcare business has to take into account when spreading internationally?

Above all, we must think locally: products must be tailored to the needs of each country. A product can be a success in France, but may also be a failure in Japan, in the same way that even within the same country, we do not sell the same colours or products in an area than in another. It is very important to understand the reality of a market locally. This makes necessary an appropriate marketing strategy for each of these realities, and the more specific the better.

Have you noticed changes in buying habits and use by families?

The customer has been forced to change buying habits: price, rationality in the purchase, finding the best deal in order to get the best product for the lowest price. The decline in "unnecessary" or "avoidable" purchases is common in the new childcare consumer behaviour.

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