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"We were one of the first stores to trust in the Internet as another means of selling"

Javier Bayón Alonso, owner of Bayón (Valladolid, Spain)


Bayon was born more than sixty years ago as a shirt store and now the third generation of this family runs three shops specialized in child care: two in Valladolid and one in Palencia. The company’s long story has not been an obstacle to being a pioneer in internet sales and the use of social networks.

Bayon is a company with a great family bond, what is your business philosophy?
We are already the third generation, who against all odds, continue to grow our small family business. Good work, daily effort, a cordial relationship with workers, suppliers, customers and colleagues, and above all honesty, are certainly key to our success.

What do you think are the most popular products?
The consumer is increasingly looking for higher quality products with higher added value. They demand a full explanation of the items, hence the importance of training, and better customer service.

Our customers reject lower quality items that can be easily found in certain types of establishments which have recently proliferated rapidly.

In 1998 Bayón launched its website. How did the project start and how has it evolved?
We were one of the first stores to trust the Internet as another means of selling. From then until now things have changed exponentially, both in consumer perception as the public use of technology, not only for shopping but also to learn or share experiences. Hence the importance of social networks.

Bayón is also present in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. How is the feedback you get from customers?
The response from users is fantastic. We were able to create a loyal and participative community.

To meet this new demand, we have two people dedicated entirely to the attention of our social networks, giving almost immediate response to many queries, questions or comments.

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