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“When working with a manufacturer we mainly want to secure a long-term relationship, as of nearly partners”

Fernando Falgás, managing director of El Bebé Aventurero


Fernando Falgás (left), with Xavier Rabasa, one of the partners of El Bebé Aventurero

El Bebé Aventurero celebrates its 15th anniversary as a distributor of babycare products. Avent, Nattou, Bright Starts, Mima, and Bloom are some of the brands that are part of the firm's catalogue. Fernando Falgás is the managing director of the company.

How did the company start its business? How has the firm evolved over the years?

1997 was the year of fewer births in the history of modern Spain with 360,000 new babies. At that time in our country and we had five years of crisis and the market was very depressed. B.B. Aventurero was established because of the necessity of Avent to enter the Spanish pharmacy market and the initiative of four young professionals to become independent and start their own business. Although we started creating a commercial network with pharmacies, we simultaneously started a very professional sales network in the field of childcare and incorporated to our catalogue a number of quality brands with great reputation in this industry.

What criteria are taken into account when working with a manufacturer?

When working with a manufacturer we mainly want to secure a long-term relationship, as of nearly partners, where the effort we make in the early years of the brand are compensated over many years of working together.

You also explain in you website that you sell only through the best childcare specialty stores in Spain.

Our sales network, sales department, and agents, are the key to the selection of these specialists customers. The best stores are those that explain very well the products they sell, have their own criteria, treate the consumer excellently, expose the product at the point of sale in a professional manner, and also want always to improve and innovate.

Have consumer habits changed due to the current economic situation? How?

In my opinion today's consumption habits are very similar to those we had in 1997. Most of the consumers of our products search for the best prices, and the only difference is that in 1997 was the beginning of, say, the activity of Toys 'R' Us in our country and now we are at the beginning of an explosion of online stores that obviously raises questions about the future expectations on other channels.

Furthermore, in both 1997 and now there are some consumers who want to find the brand and products for their children taking into account the quality and security they offer. The problem for our industry is that this kind of consumers are now a minority.

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