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Spanish families begin to buy toys one month before Christmas

The main source for choosing toys are catalogues

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85% of Spanish households plan with enough time their Christmas shopping in order to ensure that their kids receive their favourite toys. In fact, 70% start shopping one month before Christmas. The 15% of families that do not plan purchases explain that they do not have time or that their children can change their minds until the last moment. Planning helps that 40% of children receive all or almost all the toys they wished for.

These are some of the data published in the third edition of Juegorama, a study conducted by the Spanish toy maker Famosa among 400 families with children aged 3 to 9 years, with the aim of analysing the motivations of Spanish families when planning their Christmas gifts shopping, explains José de la Gándara, CEO of the company.

This research helps to understand "the importance of Christmas for Spanish families and how toys become an essential product, purchased with a similar planning process to that of other items, such as cars," adds Eduardo Garagorri, marketing director of Famosa.

Garagorri explains that parents "make sure that their kids receive at least one star toy, the one they want more. 25% of the surveyed families indicate that the crisis will not affect Christmas shopping, largely because they have always done rational toy purchases, and they also consider that the current situation should not interfere with the happiness of their children".

The importance of catalogues
Catalogues are the most influential channel when choosing gifts: 100% of children between 5 and 9 use them with this purpose. The percentage is at 90% for children aged 3 and 4.

The second channel of influence is TV advertising: 70% of children choose toys they have seen on TV. The third are toy shops, since 35% of the children visit them.

In conclusion, says María Costa, director of the pedagogy area at the toy technological institute AIJU and coordinator of the research, "we have discovered that toys are more than just a product. Experts warn us of the importance of continued vigilance when choosing toys, with very useful recommendations concerning safety and the contribution toys should make to children's development in all aspects."

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