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This film is based on actual toys (2 of 2)

Hasbro is not the only toy maker with plans to bring toys to movies

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The Care Bears starred three movies during the 80's

( This film is based on actual toys, 1)

Recent good results of movies based on toys had to call the attention of the competition. Hasbro’s chief rival, Mattel, wasn’t very active in the movie industry, leaving aside the already mentioned disappointing experience with Masters of the Universe. Mattel even prevented the use of Barbie in the first Toy Story.

What maybe helped Mattel directors to change their minds was seeing that Mr. Potato Head, the 1954 Hasbro owned classic, was one of the best selling toys of 1995, thanks to its appearance in the Pixar film. In fact, Mattel said that the increase in sales of Barbie in 2010 had been driven by the third Toy Story.

Mattel is now planning its entry into the film business, and has already announced plans to make live-action movies based on some of its best-known properties: Hot Wheels, Max Steel, a new version of Masters of the Universe, and Barbie, which already has 22 animated films for video and DVD (which until 2009 had sold 75 million copies).

Another Mattel toy that could arrive to theaters is the the Magic Eight Ball, which already has about sixty years of history. Yes, that pool ball that one can shake to see the future. Well, to “see” the “future”.

Other experiences
It is normal that the two global giants of the toy industry are willing to invest in this kind of business, particularly being from the US, the dominant country in the entertainment industry. Anyway, these are not the only companies that have launched movies based on their products, or that are considering their options, such as Lego: Warner Bros is planning a movie based on these construction toys.

Another toy maker that tried its luck in cinemas is MGA: the Bratz dolls staged a live-action film in 2007. It was a flop at the box office.

Some characters who have not done bad at all were the Care Bears, born in 1981 in American Greetings cards. In 1983 Kenner (bought by Hasbro in 1991) made the first teddy bears. Between 1985 and 1988 the television series were broadcasted. And in 1985, 1986 and 1987 the trilogy was released.

In 1989, the three films had grossed $ 34 million, becoming the main success of the Canadian animated movie industry (which is not saying much), and also the animated films with more revenue behind Disney productions, and until that date (this is quite better).

These bears will be 30 years in 2013, and will have a new TV series in 3D in 2012. Understandable: since 2002, the Care Bears have reached $2,6 billion revenues in licensed products.

Two hours adds
In short, it takes lots of money for a toy to have its chance on the film industry. But the potential benefits are obvious: if the toys were already being sold before the movie, after all the promotion that leads to the release, numbers can skyrocket.

Indeed, these films are no less than two hours ads to be issued in cinemas, televisions and computers. It is difficult to know if this is a trend or a fad, but it is clear that at least for now, the big toy companies want to try their luck in the star system.

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