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Different communication methods

Emili Alsina, Director, Ediciones Just

  • Key4Communications

Companies must be able to call the attention of their target audience. It's not just about making noise just to make noise - the idea is to create an original way to attract clients and potential customers, maintaining the consistency in all communication actions and reinforcing the values of the company and its products.

Recently we saw some examples in Key4Communications, coming from the toy industry. Barbie is selling her Malibu house for $25 million, in a way to anticipate the release of the new doll house and reminding that this character lives in an exclusive world. Monopoly launched a campaign to replace one of its classic tokens with a new one, allowing voters to feel part of the game and emphasizing the iconic value that these tokens have, with a distinct personality compared to other board games. And we all remember many advertising campaigns for Lego, most of them playing with the recognizable small plastic bricks of the building sets.

As we can see, these communication actions are not expensive advertising campaigns, and simply play with differentiation elements, sense of humor and, above all, they treat the consumer as an intelligent people. In addition and in the case of the toy industry, these campaigns are characterized by values such as fun and playfulness.

We can surely apply some of these elements to the communication of our company, losing our fear of preconceived ideas and traditional formats, and thus reinforcing our other advertising and marketing campaigns.

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