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The toy market is still growing

The industry resists the economic conditions, showing significant growth in emerging markets

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Euromonitor has published an infographic in which we can see that the overall toy market is still growing. As expected, two of the fastest growing countries are India and China: the high rates of birth and the youth of the population (especially in India), as well as the greater the purchasing power of the population, are confirming this countries as attractive and growing markets, not only in the case of toys, but for all businesses aimed at children.

Other emerging markets such as Latin America are also showing positive behaviours. Turkey stands out with a positive population growth and an economy that is driving consumption in the country. Moreover, Turkey is aspiring to join the European Union, and this would make it a more interesting market for Euro zone companies.

Some of the countries with lower growth are also some of the largest, as the US and Japan, as well as four of the five major European markets: Germany, UK, France and Spain. These markets are already very mature and have an increasingly ageing population.

As you can see in the chart, almost all markets show growth in the period. The toy sector is resistant to complicated economic times, given the emotional values involved in the purchase.

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