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"There is an overwhelming supply of licenses, almost all aimed at the same audience"

Eduardo Garagorri, Chief Marketing Officer, Famosa


Eduardo Garagorri is the Chief Marketing Officer of Famosa, toy maker with over 50 years of history. The company won the award for Best Entertainment or Character Licensee, given by the Spanish trade magazine Licencias Actualidad, for the management and development of licensed articles. This toy company is also launching the licensing programmes of two of its best-known brands: Pinypon and Nancy

The full interview will be available at the October Licencias Actualidad magazine.

Besides being a strong licensee, the company also owns brands like Pinypon and Nancy. What is the firm's strategy in this area?
Contrary to what sometimes happens when the owner first works to make fashionable characters and then develops a licensing programme including toys and other categories, in this case we have already done the hard part, as we have already generated awareness among children for our brands through toys, so we have no doubt that the use of the Nancy and Pinypon image in other product categories related to children who are already playing with our toys will be very successful.

Our relationship with our agents, El Ocho and Elastic Rights, in the case of Spain, is as friendly and efficient as always. We know these agencies for some time, and in the case of El Ocho, this company was in fact the agent for Nancy for some years.

What do you think about the current status of the licensing business? What are its strengths and what should improve?

At the present time, and from the point of view of a licensee, there is an overwhelming supply of licenses, almost all aimed at the same audience and promising the same results. Very good properties that work very well in terms of audience have poor performance in selling licensed toys and vice versa, and this complicates the decision making about which brands to choose.

The proliferation of television content has helped this growth of properties seen by children, but we may need some rationalization of supply and more strict criteria in selecting which categories licensing programme. We can not forget that the decision to develop a license for a particular category is, in most cases, a significant investment and a high risk for the manufacturer.

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