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Disney records an 9% increase in its consumer products business

The company shows increases in sales and profits in its last fiscal year

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Walt Disney reported a profit of $10.7 billion in its fiscal year, up 8 % over the previous year, thanks to the success of its theme parks, its licensed products and Monsters University. The company's revenue grew 7% to $45 billion. In the last quarter of its fiscal year, profit rose 12% to $1.4 billions and income another 7% to reach $10.8 billions.

The annual benefits of consumer product business grew 19% to $1.1 billion, thanks to sales of Monsters University and Planes licensed items, as well as because of the contribution of Star Wars and the success of the books based on Disney Channel properties. Annual sales grew 3% to $6 billion dollars.

The media business remains the largest for the company, with sales of $20.4 billion (a growth of 5% to reach 51% of the total firm's revenue) and a profit of $6.8 billion, up 3% versus 2012.

The theme parks area showed a revenue growth of 17% and an increase of 9% in income, while the studios revenue grew 3%, showing a drop in profits of 8%.

Disney's only business in the red is the interactive area, although it shows a revenue growth of 26% to over one billion dollars, while losses have been reduced from $216 million to $87 million this fiscal year.

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