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Fisher-Price returns to wooden toys

This initiative comes thanks to an agreement with AdGlobal

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In 1930 Irving Price and Hernan Fisher launched their first toys: a series of painted wooden animals that became a hit in New York. 83 years and 5,000 toys later, Fisher-Price has a new collection of wooden toys thanks to its global alliance with the toy majer AdGlobal, that will manufacture this new line under license.

Fisher-Price looks back to its first toys, that according to the firm, were “an embryo of what characterizes the company today: safe, durable toys, with a high value of play and that help the development of children at each stage of their growth."

Aimed at children up to 36 months, the new line of Fisher-Price and AdGlobal toys is manufactured using natural materials, as well as offering different types of products, including also classic games such as puzzles or dominoes.

This first line of 16 toys is presented as The Jungle Collection, with animals such as a lion, a zebra, a crocodile, and an elephant, among others.

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