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Fox boosts apparel and online trading

The company has presented in Las Vegas its major properties and programmes


Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products brought to Licensing Expo a large number of developments in the licensing programmes of its main properties, including names like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Ice Age, among others.

The company announced at the event, held from 12 to 14 June in Las Vegas, its plans to boost its partnership with licensees of the apparel industry, investing in quality products for their brands.

Dolce & Gabbana will create a clothing line inspired in Rio for this summer, while Benetton prepares an autumn and winter collection on The Simpsons and under its Sisley brand. Forever 21 will also manufacture t-shirts for these characters, while children's clothing for this series will be in charge of H&M, starting this summer, when the firm will also begin distributing Ice Age t-shirts. The Family Guy line, also from H&M, will arrive in the fall.

Fox announced as well the expansion of its online sales business, with an international programme that began in China and will continue this year in the UK and other territories not yet announced, with an offer tailored to different countries. This strategy includes the launch of an online store for Facebook, to sell exclusive product of Prometheus. This strategy was also followed for Glee, Family Guy and Sons of Anarchy, and will be used for more properties of the company.

New releases

In addition to apparel and e-commerce projects, the company has announced a comprehensive programme for the fourth installment of Ice Age, which opens in 3D in July. The global campaign includes local entertainment events and agreements with major distributors. These events include the debut in London next November of Ice Age Live! A Mammoth Adventure, a show directed by Guy Caron, from Cirque Du Soleil, combining ice skating, acrobatics and music. The show will later go on a world tour.

As for the agreements with retailers, Ice Age has reached a partnership agreement with Toys 'R' Us in the US and Canada, and with X-5 in Russia, to sell licensed product, including plush toys from Just Play, figures from The Promotions Factory, a video game from Activision, HarperCollins' books, games of Cardinal Industries, and backpacks from Accessory Innovations, among others. More local agreements are expected to be announced.
Fox also announced the programme of the prestigious TV series Sons of Anarchy, which premieres its fifth season in September. The programme includes products aimed at adults, such as darts, t-shirts, wallets and key chains, as well as jackets and bandanas, among others, plus a limited edition of one hundred Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Among its classic brands, Fox also announced an agreement between Family Guy and Kiss (regular guests of the animated series) to create co-branded product. The producer wants to take this initiative to other celebrities and brands in the series, which has sold 25 million copies of their DVDs.

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