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Girls like brands for boys

The fastest growing brand among girls are Lego, Batman and Superman


American girls are increasingly attracted to brands considered for boys, according to a survey among children 6 to 12 years conducted by Smarty Pants, a market research firm specializing in the children's industries. The study also highlights that parents do not try to discourage their daughters when they express their preference for products with these licenses.

Brands that are growing in popularity among girls are Lego, Batman and Superman, followed by Cartoon Network and three other properties traditionally for boys: Beyblade, Madden NFL and Hot Wheels.

In the case of Lego, its increase is partly explained by the Lego Friends range, aimed at girls, despite the controversy when it was released, as many saw it as stereotypical and sexist.

The brands that have grown in popularity among girls are:

1. Lego
2. Batman
3. Superman
4. Cartoon Network
5. Beyblade
6. Madden NFL
7. Hot Wheels
8. Best Buy
9. Under Armour
10. Spiderman

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