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Halloween spending expected to rise

US consumers will celebrate and spend more

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US consumers will spend more this Halloween, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation. Consumers will spend an average of $72.31 on decorations, costumes and candy, up from $66.28 last year. Also, more people are planning on celebrating this holiday: 68.6%, compared to 63.8% in 2010.

Total Halloween spending is expected to reach $6.86 billion. In 2010, spending was of $5.8 billion, and in 2009, $4.75 billion. The average consumer is expected to spend $26.52 on costumes. This year, Americans will spend $1 billion on children’s costumes, up from $840 million last year, and $1.21 billion on adult costumes, up from $990 million last year. Additionally, pet owners will shell out $310 million on pint size devils, pumpkins and witch costumes.

When it comes to decorations, more people this year than in the survey’s history will buy life-size skeletons, extra large inflatable pumpkins and fake cob webs, spending an average of $19.79. Spending on Halloween décor is second only to spending on Christmas decorations. Festive celebrants will also buy candy ($21.05) and greeting cards ($4.96.)

There is still room for caution
Consumers aren’t completely blowing caution to the wind this year, however. According to the survey, nearly one-third (32.1%) say the state of the US economy will impact their Halloween plans. To compensate, most say they will try to spend less overall (87.1%). Others will make a costume instead of purchasing one (18.9%), use last year’s costume (16.6%) and buy less candy (40.2%.)

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