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Japanese toy and videogames companies make donations after earthquake

Bandai, Sony and Nintendo among firms that help country's relief efforts

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Several toy and videogames companies have announced donations and campaigns to support relief efforts after the fifth worst earthquake in the country's history. Thus, Bandai Namco has donated 100 million yens (under €900.000) and has also closed temporarily its arcades in order to save energy after supply problems.

Sony Group and Nintendo will donate 300 million yens each (more than €2.5 million). Sony will also give away 30.000 radios, an important equipment in incommunicated areas. Sega Sammy will contribute with 200 million yens (1.8 million approximately).

Other companies such as Arc System Works are preparing downloadable contents. Benefits will be destined to country's relief. 5pb has also cut down the price for its Iphone application, and will donate all revenues.
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