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Key4Communications newsletters, now also daily

These daily bulletins join the weekly and monthly newsletters

  • Key4Communications

Key4Communications now offers daily newsletters with give information about the three industries covered by this media: toys, licensing and babycare.

Receiving this newsletter is easy (and also free). To do so, you must first login through the Key4 Users button on top of the page. Once logged in, this button will show your username. Clicking again will offer the option "User Data" which will lead to a menu with all of your options as a Key4 community member. Below you will find the options regarding newsletters.

If you are not registered, you can do so through this form.

Key4Communications offers weekly and monthly newsletters for each of the sectors it covers: toys, licensing and babycare. This new daily newsletter will offer information on the three sectors. All newsletters can be received in Spanish, with information focusing on this country, and in English, with information on international markets.

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