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Lego confirms its position as the second world toy maker

The company will focus more efforts on the Asian market


Lego increased its half year sales by 13% to $1.83 billion. Net profit grew 18% to $359 million. Revenues have been driven largely by the Asian market average, which grew by 35%, well above the increases of 8% in Europe, 4% in the US, and another 4% in Latin America. In fact, the company has explained to Reuters that it will focus more efforts in Asia.

The second toy maker in sales and the first in profits
With these figures, the company is confirmed as the second toy maker in sales: in the first half of 2012, Mattel entered $2.16 billion (+3.7%), while Hasbro sold toys and games for $1.43 billion (-2.1%).

At the end of 2012 Lego was the third according to its own numbers, after applying the annual average exchange rate between the Danish krone and the US dollar. But if this exchange was made taking into account the end of the year rate, Lego already surpassed Hasbro as the second toy maker. Besides, Lego was already first in profits, above Mattel, as it is now again: Lego won $359 million between January and June 2013, while the profit of the US company was of $111.9 million.

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