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London 2012 licensees should communicate better sustainability efforts

An independent commission praises work done by LOCOG and licensees but urges further efforts

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The Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 urges London 2012 licensees to adopt more sustainable standards on a permanent basis, according to a review of the sustainability of London 2012 merchandise, that examines the work done by the games organising committee, LOCOG, in this respect.

The commission considers that “sustainable merchandising efforts are, to date, the best the Olympics and Paralympics have ever seen”, but also thinks that “more can be done by licensees, particularly in the area of public disclosure of factory locations”.

Also, the Commission believes that LOCOG should communicate better its sustainability standards to shoppers, so consumers are aware of the effort already done by the licensees as well as by the organization.

So far, the organization of the games has signed more than forty agreements with licensees to manufacture ten thousand products in a wide variety of categories. The organization expects to sign 50 or 60 licensees.

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