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Spain ranks second in first-ever kids happiness index

According to a study, playing is the third most important factor that helps children to be happy

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Spain is the second country in the world with happier children, according to the Global Kids Happiness Index, by The Marketing Store, a report that is part of The New Definition of Childhood.

According to this index, the happiest children are in Mexico, followed by Spain, Brazil and Germany, with the US in fifth place. The study was conducted among 4,000 children aged 6 to 12 years in Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the US, Spain, France, Japan, Mexico, Poland, and the UK. As the research makes clear, children in these countries are mostly happy.

Playing is key to children's happiness
The survey reflects that the factors that make children happier are family and friends. The third most important factor is playing, with the exception of Japan: the most valued factors were playing and video games, with friends and family following.

Other ingredients of happiness vary between countries. Chinese kids value competition and achievements, while American children often cite animals. In Japan arts and crafts are taken into account.

Kids like to be kids
Age is also a factor to consider. 76% of 6 year old children explain that they are happy "most of the time", a percentage that drops to 62% in the case of 12 year old children. Similarly, 58% of the first group believe that the world is "a good place", a figure that falls to 41% in the case of older kids.

In this sense and in spite of the trends we sometimes see in the children's products industries, kids do not want to grow and report feeling very happy being children. The Marketing Store recommends, not without a good dose of common sense, that companies that address their products and services to children should stop pushing them to grow, and offer them even more ways to enjoy childhood.

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