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Toys 'R' Us offers to purchase online and pay in store

US retailers look for new ways to attract multichannel consumers

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Toys 'R' Us is offering its US customers the opportunity to book online and pay for the product in store, in order to attract both those who do not rely on leaving credit card data online, and those who simply prefer to pay in cash.

This initiative joins the company lay-away service, but with some differences. The toy will be reserved until the customer pays in store, but only for two days. And the product can not be picked up at the store: once paid, it will be sent to the address of the purchaser.

Walmart also offers a very similar online booking and pay in store system, in an effort to attract the multichannel consumer, who seeks information and compares prices online, but does not leave aside brick-and-mortar stores, for confidence reasons or simply because of personal preferences.

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