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Consumers over 55 are the biggest spenders in online shopping

They pay twice as much as people between 18 and 22

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US consumers between 56 and 66 are the ones thay make more online purchases, with an average payout of $367 in the last three months. According to a Forrester research, this amount doubles what was spent by consumers aged 18 to 22.

However, the majority of internet users concentrates on ages between 23 and 45 years. Six in ten consumers between 23 and 31 years, and nearly half of consumers between 32 and 45, have a smartphone. 11% of all of them also own a tablet.

In addition, online consumers have an average of two internet-connected devices, with a significant presence of mobile connections. 58% of Americans own a smartphone and two-thirds of those use it to check email, play games, read news, sports and weather forecasting, as well as sending text messages and viewing videos. 79% of US adults have connected to the internet using their phones at least once a month, and 78% of these use the internet every day through this devices.

The rise of online TV
While 91% of respondents still watch traditional TV, 74% of consumers aged between 18 and 22 watch online content at least once a week. In addition, this group does most of the reading of newspapers and magazines through the internet.

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