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Consumers prefer paper media to social networks

Magazines, newspapers and personal recommendations are the most valued media before a purchase

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Despite the increasing presence of new online media, personal recommendations and print advertising is still valued by consumers. According to the Finnish research institute VTT, 63% of European consumers trust advertising in magazines and newspapers. TV is influential for 41% of consumers while internet is reliable only for 25%.

Social networks do not achieve better results: according to a Forrester Research survey among European and US consumers, advertising on social networks is not appreciated by customers, with just a 15% approval, and only better than mobile advertising (SMS, display or in apps), with 10%.

The most valued information on products and services are articles published in media of proven quality, including also independent blogs (55%). Recommendations from other consumers are also important and, indeed, surpass 60% in case of people we know.

People also take into account a good search engine positioning: one in four pays attention to sponsored ads and 43% thinks favourably of a company is well positioned in search engines.

As to content by the brands, the best considered is the one appearing on the website, which is preferred over e-mail marketing (18%).

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