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Consumers prefer to share good experiences

Positive comments outweigh negative reviews in social networks

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Social networks users prefer to publish positive comments about companies and products, according to Press Cutting Service, a company that analyzed more than five million comments on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube. Criticism usually appears only when a consumer has a specific problem with a product or service.

Comments on social networks and online stores have become a reference for many consumers, who seek them actively before many of their purchases. Although this is one of the factors that companies fear most, this research is in line with others previously published, as one by Google that explains that 80% of online reviews are between four and five stars. Also, when a complaint through social networks is managed properly, companies can retain clients, according to another research by Harris Interactive and Right Now.

Press Cutting Service adds that brands still show distrust towards social networks also when using them as marketing tools, because they consider them as a communication forum, and commercial messages would be too aggressive in this context.

The study also explains that social networks have not yet reached its maturity in regard to its use by companies: although firms already count with strategies to use them correctly, they are still struggling to manage all received feedback.

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