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European mothers visit more online stores

Toy stores, among the most viewed sites

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Spanish mothers are 84% more likely to visit online stores, compared to the average internet user, according to a Comscore study on internet use in Europe. These women older than 25 years and with at least one child at home would visit mostly general online stores general, with furniture and toy stores following.

In fact, online toy sales in Spain are not showing as much growth as in other markets, although the this could change since Toys 'R' Us opened its online store in Summer and also after the arrival in Spain of Amazon.

The data are similar to those of other European countries. British mothers prefer toy stores, followed by flowers and gifts, and cosmetics, and they are 82% more likely to visit online stores.

In the case of French mothers the percentage is somewhat smaller, 76%. They mostly visit toy stores, cosmetics stores, consumer goods retailers and department stores.

Almost an hour a day online

According to the research, Europeans were connected to the internet an average of 27.8 hours per month in October, above the global average, which is 24.6 hours.

Of the countries surveyed, those with higher average use are the UK (37.5 hours), The Netherlands (35.56) and Turkey (33.4). Spain is fifth with 28.3 hours. Showing the lowest average are Austria (15 hours), Italy (19.1) and Switzerland (19.5).

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