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Manager per hours

Josep Fenoy, Director, Absolut Select Consulting

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I look down wondering why I'm here. The sight makes me dizzy and I have to hold on to something. I should jump but I can not find the strength to do so. It's for the best - to jump and forget everything, it will only take a moment, but I need it.

While my will fights against my fear, my legs give me the impetus to sit over the abyss, and... it's done. A huge gap fills my chest, an electric current runs through my neck as I fall, and that scene where I walk towards the meeting room where I expected the board to tear me apart vanishes. Those days on campus where I spent the night with the designs of first prototypes are so far away now. I had a great time. Now... I battle unpaid payroll, bills... Debt and daily management suffocate me.

Many entrepreneurs are faced with the management of companies and people after having succeeded in defining a product or solution. They face the dilemma between doing what they like to do and the heavy responsibility of managing a company with all the social consequences of their decisions. SMEs can not afford hiring a professional for each of the strategic areas of the business. Entrepreneurs would like discharge the tasks of everyday management, which in fact they do not enjoy nor know as well as their passion. Without doubt, it is a great idea to count with a professional to support or take the reins of all these responsibilities.

Interim Management: help in the required time and cost
A repeated sales slump, facing a price war, mentoring a young professional, having to start in international markets, facing an internal restructuring, or key decisions as price definition, positioning, identification of key factors for the business survival and identifying competitive advantages or the design of a more appropriate business model... All this and much more can escape from the hands of businessmen and, worse, a higher percentage of these tasks lead interesting projects to collapse.

What if I could access these professionals at an affordable cost? For the size of my company, I need help just a couple of days a week, or even less. Where do I start? How many hours would a managers spend in my organization to perform administrative tasks? At what price? Can we execute these tasks with less qualified staff and cost? Would the opinion of an outside professional provide a strategic and tactical vision of our daily operations?

Hourly hiring a manager is an effective solution. A first-class part-time professional has no cost of recruitment and selection. The current situation offers us Interim Management Services and Head Head Sharing or Renting, allowing us to have support in the needed time and cost.

A results-oriented professional
An interim manager, hired part-time or per project, is a results-oriented professional, able to promote change, consolidate and develop people's values, able to act as a leader. It's a professional who brings fresh ideas for a change in guidance and management model. His or her participation will thrive on new ideas, helping us to open our minds to new options. This type of professional is a good solution to fill a gap within the organization. Companies can not afford grace periods.

An executive can join for a period necessary for restructuring. The international press refers to them as '.. the just-in-time talent pipeline ..', able to guide the careers of new graduates and students with a future. They are useful for local government, streamlining investment budgets, and for managing all available resources. We must make decisions before it's too late, while the Interim Management is not an expense but an investment.

The sensation of falling through clears my mind of anything unrelated to what I'm living right now. I feel cold, stress, more cold. A short pulse. I pull the parachute and I feel a calming peace. The sun and the scenery I see while I descend are perfect. Life returns to me, my mind is ordered by priorities. The truth is I feel renewed. Should we have a drink? You know, I'm going to do what you told me, I'll hire a manager for a couple of days a week.

When we have signs that point us the way, why is it so difficult to get out of our routine and make decisions for change? We have left behind those years in which we had to hire signing big checks, as the excess of demand was expensive. Today the environment has changed - some see the difficulties, I seek the opportunities.

What will you do?

Josep Fenoy
Director - Select Absolut Consulting
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