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Parents prefer toys and books to smartphones

Children do not use as much technology as we think

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Smartphones and tablets are increasingly present in homes and children use them more and more to play and have fun. However, parents still prefer to distract their children with a toy or a book, according to a study by the Northwestern University among 2,300 American parents with children up to 8 years.

According to this research, 88% of parents keep their children entertained with a toy, 79% with a book, and 78% thanks to the TV. Only 37% give them a smartphone or a tablet. When it comes to educational activities, 62% of parents choose to give the child a book, a figure that falls to 10% in the case of phones and tablets.

Even so, 59% of families do not consider that these devices have negative effects on their children and 78% said that the use of technology is not a source of conflict at home. The view is more negative in the case of video games: more than half of parents consider them harmful. In any case, families are more concerned about the health, sleep and exercise of their kids than about the possible negative consequences of technology.

The investigators explained that we have the perception that children use these mobile devices more than it actually occurs, as we tend to notice more all new trends, but in reality, families still prefer traditional play.

Also, children follow the model they have at home: parents who spend more time with the computer or the TV are more likely to entertain children with screens.

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