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Shopping for toys with a smarphone

More and more consumers use smartphones in toy stores to search for information and compare prices

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Online toy sales in the the US during 2011 represented nearly 10% of total sales, a similar figure compared to 2010. But nevertheless the shopping experience is changing, as explained in a report by the NPD group, especially through the use of mobile phones in the store, following a trend common to much of the retail trade.

11% of consumers have used their smartphone in stores for any of the following actions:

- Browsing through the store's website (8%).
- Searching for information at other stores' websites (7%).
- Buying toys through the smartphone while in the store (4%)
- Using barcode reading applications to compare prices online (1%).

The number of smartphone users and its applications are larger everyday, so tools aimed at smartphones can function as a method to attract customers to the store, extend their stay and facilitate the purchase. For example, by the use of QR codes.

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