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Shops must connect emotionally with their customers

Promotions do not lead to loyalty

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Emotional connection is the only way to get customers loyalty in the retail trade. This is one of the main conclusions of  the workshop Everybody can innovate. Passion for trade, organized by the Commerce and Distribution School (ESCODI) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. In these conclusions, ESCODI notes that, given the high volatility of the retail sector, if you want loyal customers, it is necessary to connect emotionally with them: "The only way to fidelity is an emotional conection. Promotions do not lead to fidelity".

The document notes the need to construct a coherent discourse about our identity as a prior step to connect with customers: first, it is necessary to decide and define who we are, what we want, what we do and what we want others to receive from us, and then we can begin to take coherent decisions.
Brick-and-mortar stores, experience spaces
According to ESCODI, brick-and-mortar stores, as the contact point with customers, must become “a space of communication and experience”. Thus, beyond the product and price, the trader has to focus on the shopping experience that offers to its customers, ensuring they leave the store satisfied and eager to come back: "People is ready to pay, and to go anywhere, if they are excited”. The conferences also stressed the fact that the store staff must feel involved and excited about the project, and noted the rise of values such as sustainability and environmental friendliness.
Online presence
Internet and social networks have become a day to day tool in the life of most citizens. The online channel is becoming more and more important for businesses as more and more consumers get their information via the internet before going to buy and more and more people publish their shopping experience online. It is therefore important to have web presence, even if it’s only an information page –is not necessary to have an online store–. It is also important to manage and use the network as a communication platform.

With internet competitors are no longer only the brick-and-mortar stores that are physically close to our trade: it has become a global competition. However, the network also offers opportunities: our internet presence enables our customers to be from anywhere in the world.

However, ESCODI remembers that there are still many customers who know nothing about technology or that aren’t internet users, and shops need to continue taking them into account too.

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