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Tablets are also educational tools

Nearly four in ten American children under 8 has access to mobile devices

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Some parents are beginning to use tablets as virtual nannies, just as sometimes TV is used, with the idea of entertaining children without much effort. But this is not necessarily a bad thing, according to a study of Schools.com, media dedicated to education.

According to this study, US preschoolers who used tablets did better in reading than their peers. Also, 57% of parents said their children use tablets also for educational purposes. In addition, 77% of households considered that tablets are beneficial for kids and stimulate their creativity.

Apart from studying, 77% of children also use tablets to play; 55%, to be entertained while traveling; 41%, to do so in restaurants or events, and 15%, to communicate with friends and family.

42% of parents of children up to 8 years with access to a tablet have downloaded apps to practice math, reading or memory, and 28% have acquired creativity applications related to art, music or videos. 46% downloaded games and 19%, apps based on a TV character.

In the US, 38% of children under 8 have used tablets or smartphones. The percentage drops to 10% among children under one year, is of 39% for children between 2 and 4, and reaches 52% for those between 5 and 8.

As for older children, Schools.com explains that there are 600 schools that are implementing learning programs for tablets.

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