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The increasing popularity of QR codes

14.5% of smartphone owners have used these codes

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QR Codes are increasing their presence: we see these black and white squares in magazine ads, product labels and even billboards. But not all placements are equally effective.

According to a Comscore study conducted in Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the UK, the most popular source is advertising in magazines or newspapers, where nearly half of surveyed consumers read these codes. Four out of ten did so from the packaging of the product itself, 28.8% from a website or a computer, 28.1% from a poster or brochure, and 12.2% from a business card. Also, 14.5% of smartphone users scanned any of these codes in the first three months of the year.

The applications of these codes are very different. They are used as a link that leads the smartphone browser to a website, and companies can offer multiple information:

- Demo videos and product manuals.
- Online purchase sites for these products or its accessories.
- Maps showing the address of the store.
- Access to the brand's social network profiles.
- Promotions and discounts.

QR codes are therefore a marketing tool that can be very useful and that it is becoming more known among consumers.

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