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Twitter, a tool for sales

This social network helps to make business

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There are many reasons why a retailer should be present in Twitter. First, because many consumers use social networks to find deals and offers. For example and according to a study by Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey, 48% of Twitter users follow brands and companies only for discounts and deals.

This is an opportunity to drive traffic to an online store, but also to a brick-and-mortar establishment, since consumers are increasingly multichannel –they compare prices and read reviews online, go shopping to see and touch the product, and finally buy where they get the best price or the best service.

Of course, consumers are not only looking for deals, and companies should not use Twitter just as a shop window. This social network offers other benefits:

-It increases loyalty. 64% of a firm’s followers were already its clients. Also, once a Twitter user follows a company, it’s 50% more likely that he ends up buying from this brand (or store). And 75% have never un-followed a company.

-Twitter also increases the customer base. 60% of brands followers are more likely to recommend a brand after following it on Twitter. And these users can also “retweet” our messages, that is, send them to their own followers, thereby increasing the potential number of customers.

-This network may provide information about clients. Of course, Twitter followers are not necessarily a representative sample of a company’s customers, but their interaction with the retailer can provide information and opinion that otherwise would be difficult to collect: for example, maybe some products miss from the store’s offer, or there is a chance to provide a service no one else does.

-It helps to improve customer service. By offering a new channel of communication, it is easier to deal and resolve customers’ questions and problems. The more options you offer to a customer, the better treated he will feel.

-Twitter can also increase market knowledge, as a professional can follow competitors, suppliers and customers, thus reaching information on new products, trends and competitors deals and offers.

-Finally, by using this network retailers can improve the company’s image. If Twitter is not used only to post deals, and also to offer information, interesting links, and opinion, this professional can consolidate himself as an expert in his field.

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