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Twitter grows thanks to smartphones

A third of people under 30 are connected to this network

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Twitter is consolidating its growth thanks to its use in smartphones, given its immediacy and ease of use through these devices, according to a study by Pew Internet and American Life.

31% of Americans aged 18 to 24 use Twitter. The use of smartphones by this group is also growing faster than in any other age segment, and in fact now totals 9% of all mobile phones owners with Twitter installed.

This research also explains that the number of Twitter users who visit this network every day is growing. In November 2010 the percentage was 2%, and in February 2012 it arrived at 8%. Currently the rate is at 15%.

In addition, Twitter has quadrupled the number of active users, reaching 140 million in March 2012. These users publish a billion messages every three days.

Also, a study by Princeton University estimates that 8% of US adult Internet users are in Twitter. In the case of users between 18 and 29 years, the percentage is of 31%, and for the population aged 30 and 49 years, 14%.

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