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US kids want an iPad for Christmas

Apple's products lead the list of preferences in electronic devices

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A good number of US kids’ letters to Santa Claus include the iPad tablet by Apple. According to a Nielsen research, the Ipad is the electronic device that most children between 6 and 12 years want for this holiday season, appearing on the list of preferences of 44% of kids in this group. The Ipod Touch (30%) and the Iphone (27%) follow. Other brands’ tablets are in fifth place, appearing in 25% of wish lists. Video game consoles and accessories are just behind with Nintendo DS (25%) and Kinect for Xbox (23%) leading the way. Other smartphones appear in the tenth position (19%) and e-readers come thirteenth in the list (17%).

Last year the Ipad also led these wish lists, but it was mentioned in 31% of them. Computers (now fourth) were the second favorite item of children of these ages.

Teenagers also want tablets

The list of preferred devices by teenagers over 13 is also led by the iPad (24%), but followed by computers (18%) and e-readers (18%). TV sets (17%) and tablets of other brands (17%) come behind. Last year the list was led by computers (20%) and TV sets (19%).

Since 2010, the presence of these tablets has grown, as they are beginning to replace some uses of video game consoles, computers and televisions –tablets are increasingly used to play, watch TV shows and movies online, and of course just browsing the internet.

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