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"An increasing number of brands don't need TV presence to generate a large demand for consumer products"

Eric Belloso, director for EMEA and Asia, Bondiband


Eric Belloso is in charge of Bondiband in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. This young company dedicated to the production of animated series is developing its first title, which has the same name as the company. Belloso, with extensive experience in the entertainment licensing (with previous responsibilities in BRB and Zinkia, for example) is aware that this industry has to provide quality and universal contents available to all platforms.

What trends will dominate the audiovisual content production in the coming years?

Undoubtedly the future of audiovisual content will be increasingly in the hands of companies that can afford to have both quality content as well as the platform to broadcast it. Whether this platform is traditional television or the internet, this is the factor that will allow the product to stand out amongst the many new proposals currently available.

The vast majority of players do not have both tools and need to work harder to offer quality content and differentiation compared to what already exists in the market, as well as diversification in terms of target, potential business development both in licensing and in monetization on other platforms (mobile and internet), along with universality, all in order to attract worldwide television broadcasting.
What could be the differentiating elements of Bondiband in this context?
Bondiband enters in the final section described above. It's a series that combines music, humour and action to a mostly male target, and that in itself makes the show quite different. There are many series that combine these elements, but mainly focused on girls.

In our case, we have taken a step forward and we intend to create action and aspirational models, with music and the band as distinguishing features. Every child would like to be a super hero who must defend his city from the attacks of monsters, and at the same time be part of the most famous music group of his city. In addition to these bases, the animation that we are creating is so different that it will make impossible for Bondiband to go unnoticed! I invite everybody to enter our website for more information.
What new challenges are arising in entertainment licensing?
Entertainment licensing combines two increasingly important elements for the owner of a new brand. On one hand, the multiplication of existing offers in the market means that it's necessary to be increasingly creative, and offer very different concepts and a more diversified investment. This risk involves, on the other hand, that the product has to be available to all platforms, not only as a marketing tool and to increase visibility, but also as a financial element that should allow a return on investment. This dichotomy means more professionalisation. The analysis prior to the start of production, the search for suitable partners, the launching itself and its subsequent operations involve an even more thorough job than ever.

For licensees, the problem is also important. How many entertainment licensing proposals can any licensee receive during any trade show? Without any doubt, the analysis of all the elements described above has to come into consideration in the decision-making process.
Do new ways of accessing contents (tablets, PCs, mobile...) also affect licensing?
New platforms have the great advantage that content is available to the consumer at any time of day or night. This already affects licensing not only because of the arrival of new brands available through these platforms, but also because the traditional model based on television broadcasting must have enough elements to make customers ask for more.

TV remains the key driver of entertainment in Spain, but reality shows us that on one hand, the presence on the internet and mobile phones increases brand recognition, which consolidates and allows a much closer relationship with the consumer. Moreover, an increasing number of brands don't need TV presence to generate a large demand for consumer products. Entertainment licensing is very competitive, and these new ways of accessing content will undoubtedly offer more business opportunities.

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