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“Brand owners are becoming aware of the importance of licensing”

Liz Crawford, show director for Licensing International Expo


Next Licensing International Expo will be held in Las Vegas from June 14 to 16 and according to show director Liz Crawford, the event could even surpass last year’s figures, when it was attended by 400 exhibitors, representing 5,000 brands. One of this year’s exhibitors will be Key4Communications.

¿Why should a licensing professional assist to Licensing International Expo?
Licensing International Expo is the one place all year where professionals who are interested in licensing and brand extension can go to gather with the top brand owners, licensees, manufacturers and retailers from around the world. In addition, the conference program is a great learning experience for beginners just entering the field as well as for long time members of the industry.

¿What are the show main goals for this year's edition?
This show will be the largest in its 31 years history. The main purpose of the show is to connect brand owners with partners who can help them extend the life of their brand and increase revenues for their company.

¿How do you think the licensing business will evolve in the next years?
The industry should continue to grow each year. More and more brand owners are becoming aware of the importance of licensing, and more and more retailers are learning that licensed products in their stores sell well even in recessionary times.

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