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“DreamWorks Animation is committed to producing all of its feature films in 3D going forward”

Sheila Clarke, Head of International Consumer Products, DreamWorks Animation


Sheila Clarke is Head of International Consumer Products for DreamWorks Animation, where she oversees all international licensing, promotions and retail initiatives. After fourteen years in the company, Clarke knows the business enough to expect the licensing industry to adapt to economic and technologic changes.

How do you think that the licensing business related to the audiovisual industry could evolve in the next years?

Faced with struggling global economic conditions, the licensing business will continue to evolve and adapt. Moving forward, true franchise properties that extend across multiple platforms will lead the way in licensing at retail. In order to secure retail support, a property must be more than a film or television series. At DreamWorks Animation, we begin with a core film property and then create a variety of different consumer touch points, keeping the characters relevant and demand for licensed goods high. We’ve been able to place very strong TV programming, including Television Española in Spain, which complements our theatrical releases. Further exposure through theme parks, cruise ships, hotels, promotions, online interactive gaming, live shows and social media activities provide continued exposure, resulting in a powerful franchise. The audiovisual licensing business will continue to find new outlets to distribute licensed product. Technology applications such as QR codes at retail will also become more prevalent in the years ahead.
Are 3D movies and series just a fad, or will the 3D technology be a long-term trend?

At DreamWorks Animation we believe that 3D technology is here to stay.  Consumers will continue to show an appreciation for high-quality 3D content in the theatre.  DreamWorks Animation is committed to producing all of its feature films in 3D going forward.
What are DreamWorks goals for the near future?

DreamWorks Animation will continue to be a leader in innovation through animation technology, licensed products, brand extensions and multi-level, integrated marketing and promotional campaigns. We will continue to collaborate with retailers to create unique licensing campaigns, such as this year’s Kung Fu Panda 2 Pandamonium in the Park in the UK at Sainsbury’s.
Which could be the next animation hits for DreamWorks?

Up next for DreamWorks Animation is Puss In Boots, scheduled to be released in the US this winter and Madagascar 3, scheduled for release in the summer of 2012.

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