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“Licensing offers brand support and awareness”

Emili Alsina, director of Ediciones Just, publisher of Licencias Actualidad and organizer of Licensing Forum


Emili Alsina is the editor of  Licencias Actualidad  , a Spanish magazine published by Ediciones Just that organizes every year the Licensing Forum. This event will hold its fifth edition June 22nd, and will gather the main key players of the Spanish and Portuguese business in the Barcelona World Trade Center.

How did you first think of a licensing forum in Spain?
We started with the Licensing Forum as we recognized a need in the business. There wasn’t any similar meeting point for licensing professionals in the Iberian market. With the forum we have made available a working day for knowledge and information exchange. Thanks to the companies and professionals support, what in the beginning was a day of conferences is now a big event that combines an exhibitors area with main licensors and agents introducing brands and properties, and a conference and roundtables area in charge of experts in the business.

What are your goals for this year?
We are working hard to increase professionals and exhibitors assistance. We also aim to generate the right atmosphere in order to help business between participants, and provide knowledge and discussion in conferences.

What will the licensing professionals find in the forum?
They will meet key players in the business: licensees and manufacturers of licensed product, licensors and licensing agents, and of course professionals from the distribution field.
What is your opinion of the licensing business in Spain and Portugal?
After 13 years studying the licensing business thanks to the publication of  Licencias Actualidad, I believe that the business is in excellent form and showing signs of strong growth. Licensing offers brand support and awareness. This industry is and will be even more a key tool in product marketing for manufacturers. It is also strategic for distribution channels. Licensing business has a long way to go.
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