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"Technological advances provide opportunities"

Enrique Casado, Licensing Director, Antena 3


Enrique Casado is licensing director for Antena 3, a TV channel aware and open to the possibilities offered by new technologies, including platforms such as tablets. All these changes will affect the licensing industry, which is largely supported by television, "the most massive media."

Which factors should be taken into account when preparing a licensing programme for TV content?

The main problem that TV content presents is immediacy: we do not know whether or not the program will be accepted until the day following its broadcast (when we look at the audience ratings). From that moment on, we must be able to get the products in the markets within the shortest time possible. In our favor we have an audience that can reach two or three million people, which guarantees a broad knowledge of the property. Television is the most massive means of communication: it is important to support the launching of licensing programmes with visibility in the channel to achieve a great result in minimal time.

What are Antena 3 current projects in licensing?

Despite the audiovisual market situation we remain committed to the launching of our series on DVD and Blu-ray Disk. As for games, we are having very good results with our quiz shows. On the other hand we are still working on promotional marketing campaigns with brands and clients in sectors as diverse as food, footwear or technology. We can’t forget the newest addition to the grid: El Hormiguero. We have high hopes for this property that, regardless of previous developments, still has much potential and a loyal audience.

How are new technologies changing television content?

For us, technological advances provide opportunities, and they in fact feed the content of our programs. This certainly means opening the door to further developments not prevously considered.

Are there more downloads or streaming?

We trust that downloads will end sooner or later, as the continuity of the industry depends on it. The interests of TV will undoubtedly pass through streaming, in order to deliver our content to viewers wherever they are.

Will more people watch TV in tablets as the Ipad?

Certainly. Consumption habits are changing, following the frenetic pace set by technology. New devices are tailored to meet all user requirements, and television content is one of them. When two years ago the chain launched our "3.0" campaign (to enjoy the TV where, when, and how you want), few of our competitors understood its reach, but now this is a reality and has become the target of other TV channels.

Do you think that 3D television has future potential, despite current doubts?
3D is the future of cinema, and will also be part of TV. The problem of 3D are the high costs involved. Also, there are still few devices that support this technology. But this will change in the medium term.

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