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"The market is increasingly asking for more licenses"

Elsa Gomes, Managing Director Iberia, CPLG


CPLG licensing agency is in Spain since 1992, but was founded in 1974 in the UK. In Iberia, the company represents properties such as The Simpsons, Hello Kitty and Beyblade, among others. As the agency's director, Elsa Gomes, explains, the company's goal is to treat the same way all its portfolio licenses, and not to make specific bets for each campaign.

What are the main characteristics of the Spanish licensing market, compared to other countries?
There are no major differences between Spain and other markets, when comparing the type of licenses and the most successful properties. I would say the main difference is the type of distribution and amount of royalties reported by licensees in the same category.

What licenses are being the most important so far this year? What are CPLG bets?

CPLG has no bets. It works the same way with all the properties in its portfolio. The market determines what licenses will do best.

What are the main advantages of working with licensed products, both for manufacturers and owners?
The market is increasingly asking for more licenses because in this way it ensures its taking advantage of the brand awareness, in order to get more visibility and rotation of products. A license provides differentiation, it communicates emotionally with the consumer, increases or maintains sales, and facilitates entry into the distribution channels, among other advantages.

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