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"There is a growing trend towards the use of licenses in the service sector"

Marty Brochstein, Senior Vice President of Industry, Relations and Information at LIMA USA


USA is the headquarter of LIMA (International Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association), an international association with over a thousand members that works to foster the growth and expansion of licensing.

Which are the main trends in the US licensing industry?
Currently there is a growing trend towards the use of licenses in the service sector. In the past two years it has also been an increase in the use of licenses in the food and beverage industry, market areas less developed in the US than in Europe.
In the field of products, exclusivity remains a very important factor for retailers when they have to choose between one or other license.

Which are the most significant sources of properties?
The most significant property sources are still entertainment, corporate brands, sports and fashion. Now, a main growth area for licensing are digital platforms and apps, with succesful properties such as Angry Birds.

In which sector is there a major presence of licensing?
Now, one of the main trends is the use of licenses in the service sector, for example, in tourism. In addition, licensing continues to have a central role in traditional product categories such as toys, fashion, back to school products and health and beauty products.

How will evolve the US licensing market?
As always, new types of licenses will enter into this business to replace others in decline. On the other hand, I believe that partnerships between retailers will be more and more important: for example, to promote Hollywood blockbusters, the market gathers around a retailer who becomes the focal point for promotion and who is the leading seller of licensed products about that film.

What will be the three main properties in 2012?
We can not predict that kind of things but, if we can use history as a guide, we could say that at least one of the main properties will be a surprise that will exceed all prospects.

Full text of this interview will be available in the April issue of Licencias Actualidad.

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