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"We are seeing an increasing interest in sports properties such as MotoGP"

Phaedra Haramis, Licensing Manager, Dorna Sports


Phaedra Haramis is Licensing Manager for Dorna Sports, the company that manages since 1992 the commercial and TV rights of the motorcycling championship MotoGP. Regarding this brand licensing, Haramis does not hesitate to underline the fact that it is a stable property and not just a fad, a factor that reduces the risk for licensees.

What is special about licensing applied to sports properties?
In the past the sports licensing industry has been somewhat reduced, compared to the entertainment licensing. However, we are seeing an increasing interest in sports properties such as MotoGP, a sport that has a very loyal fan base and a history of more than 60 years of racing. It also has the great advantage that it is a stable license and not a transient phenomenon such as other types of brands. This makes it more attractive for licensees, as the risk involved is lower.
What aspects are taken into account when you work in the different markets in which you are present?
There are many factors that contribute to the popularity of MotoGP, which is after Formula 1 the second most popular motor racing sport. Having a schedule of 18 races in 13 countries, television presence in 207 countries and also a very international grid of pilots from 25 different countries, are all facts that contribute to the popularity of the sport. It is especially important for MotoGP to transmit the values that characterize our sport, which are speed, innovation, technology, dynamism and passion.
What are 2012 goals for Dorna Sports in the field of licensing?
Our main goal for 2012 is to continue our strategy of expanding our presence in new markets and increasing our product categories. We have a very strong presence in many countries, especially in Europe, where the awareness of MotoGP is well established. There are very mature markets in regard to licensing, such as the United States, where we are now focusing our efforts. Since 2008 we have two Grand Prix in Indianapolis and Laguna Seca, and beginning in 2013 we will have a third race in Texas, which will help to strengthen the brand. Constant new TV broadcasting agreements are also key to reaching these new markets.

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